Is Sidewalk Washing Really Necessary?

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Unless you have bad balance or work hard to avoid eye contact, you likely don’t stare down at your feet while walking. That also means you don’t often look down as you’re walking along your sidewalk. So perhaps you’re wondering whether sidewalk washing is necessary. Here’s your answer: Yes!

Is Sidewalk Washing Really Necessary?

Even though most people do not stare at their feet or the ground as they walk, they do still recognize the appearance and condition of the ground beneath their feet. For example, if you walk into an all-you-can-eat buffet, you’re likely focused on the many dishes to choose from, but it’s hard not to notice if the floor is covered in grimy crumbs and sticky spills. It might even be enough to steer you away from eating there.

The same could be said about your sidewalks. You and any visitors aren’t necessarily staring down at the sidewalks as you walk across them, but if they’re covered in grime, dirt, mold, or stains, it can be hard to ignore and even a bit unsettling. That’s why sidewalk washing is so important. That way, you can feel confident about the condition and appearance of your sidewalk and leave a good first impression with any visitors. Scheduling regular sidewalk washing can also help prevent any allergy triggers around your home, such as mold, mildew, or pollen that may be hiding in the sidewalk cracks.

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